Scored and Stained Concrete

In the last 20 years stained concrete has grown remarkably in popularity as a residential flooring. It is quite durable and versatile and can come in a wide range of colors and finishes. The floor can also be scored (decorative lines cut into the surface) to provide interesting design features, as can be seen in several of the photos below. Stained concrete can be done on an interior of exterior basis and can even be used on vertical surfaces.

Holly - st.chas.

The picture immediately below shows a concrete and wood floor.

wood and concreteTwila Robinson, Bldr.Squires Tuxedo RentalSexton back porchDH Warehouse, Ruston, LAJohn Cush, Bldr.Jay & Sheila WrightJay and Shelia Wright

2 thoughts on “Scored and Stained Concrete

  1. I was trying to get a quote on stained concrete for a newly constructed home. We will possibly be looking to have it in the kitchen, living room & foyer

  2. LaChandra,

    The cost for stained and sealed concrete on new construction is $3.75/sqf. That price is contingent on being able to stain after the texture is up but before trim and cabinets. If you want the concrete scored also, that is $1.00/sqf. additional.

    If you would, please give me a call at 318-208-6375 and we can discuss it further.

    John Howe

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