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Maintenance information for floors finished with Kemiko Stone Tone Wax

If your floor is sealed with Kemiko  Stone Tone Wax II (Buff On) it is the solvent based type. It is an actual wax and is similar in performance to Johnson’s Paste wax. It produces a lustrous sheen and will be quite shiny when buffed and in areas where the concrete is very smooth. It is not designed to produce a glossy “wet” look.

Care should be taken to apply felt pads to all pieces of moveable furniture, and when possible, lift furniture when moving instead of dragging.


For the most part your floor can be cleaned with a soft bristle broom or dust mop. If there is fine dust that a dust mop won’t pick up mopping with a damp mop will work. Microfiber dust mops work fine also. If you wish to use a cleaning solution when mopping, use a mild detergent or a PH neutral cleaner. Neutral cleaner is a generic term and you can find this product at Lowe’s or Home Depot in the cleaning supply section. A gallon is probably under $20.00 and should last a long time. I would recommend 2 capfuls per gallon of water. Do not use cleaning solutions that are de-greasers or ammoniated or contain harsh chemicals or bleaches as these will act as strippers.


All decorative concrete floors require some form of maintenance. At some point it will be necessary to apply additional wax, especially in high traffic areas, and that is dependant on the amount of traffic and wear. This can be done professionally but can also be done easily by the homeowner. You will need some wax and a buffer with brushes, and the small two-headed buffers will work fine. They are available at stores that sell vacuum cleaner supplies and can also be found pretty easily at garage sales. The wax is available at Harrison Paint on Fairfield. It should be stirred well to a uniform consistency before using as the solids in the wax will settle in the bottom of the can. With a rag, spread on a very thin coat and then buff with the buffer (using brushes) until the wax is shiny. The buffer will also work well to just shine areas that have become dull and a little experimentation will indicate whether or not you need to apply wax to a given area.

And….. if all else fails you are more than welcome to call me if you have any questions.

John Howe


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